I haven’t been a big fan of Padlet before. I’ve tried it a couple of times, but my students have vandalised the boards with rude words and unnecessary pictures that I haven’t bothered since. But luckily I gave it another go and was really happy with the results! What we created was a photo dictionary. Ta-dah:


The exercise was fairly simple. I gave the students a list of irregular plurals and asked to them to pick one from the list and go take a photo of it. They were allowed to leave the classroom but obviously not the school area. What creative pictures they took! I was also struck by how social media savvy they were; without reminding them to do so, they covered their faces if they took a picture of themselves. My Padlet boards are public after all (but very difficult to find if you don’t know the right URL). The students used school iPads and their own phones for taking the photos. Uploading the photos was easy, but writing a caption wasn’t. That’s why I had my PC open and logged onto Padlet in the classroom where the students were able to edit the captions.

Image: Padlet screenshot by Johanna TGNB / please do not copy or otherwise use this image


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