Light Painter by Yau Hoong Tang

We’re now one week into our two-week individualised learning period. So far so very good!

Here is the programme I planned for my students: Smart Moves 3 Global issues [in Finnish only].

It’s been wonderful to see how the students work. Everybody’s doing something (though I still have to mention to them about playing on their phones), the study environment is peaceful, the students help out each other, they’re fairly efficient in their tasks. I’ve been able to discuss with the students in a way that wasn’t possible earlier as I was too busy trying to (unsuccessfully) manage the whole group at once. The students are mostly very independent – I’m sometimes worried that they’re not willing to ask for help when they would need it. I’ll ask for their feedback after next week, so I’ll be wiser then.

Image: Light Painter by Yau Hoong Tang / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


“YOOJOO?”, I hear you ask. It’s an acronym for the monstrous yksilöllisen oppimisen opetusmalli ja oppimisen omistajuus, which is Finnish for an individualised study model. A precious child has many names, so you might have also heard of ‘Personalized Learning‘, ‘Humanity Learning‘ (in Finnish mostly), ‘Individual Learning‘ and ‘Flipped Learning‘.


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