This autumn I’ve taken part in an online course on digital learning materials  (organised by Snellman-kesäyliopisto, check the Finnish course brochure here). To earn my 1 SP credit, I’ve decided to put my 9th graders’ independent study period here on the blog for everybody to see. However, the programme is not done yet, so this post is really just the plan, the heads-up, and I’ll link the final thing here when it’s ready.

[Edit 30 Jan 2016]: Here’s the post about the individualised study programme.

The plan is to give the 9th graders two weeks (that’s 6 x 45 minutes)  to study certain things at their own pace. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and finally this course has given me the push to do it. The study period is based on the YOOJOO study method devised by Pekka Peura. The students will get a paper version of the programme, but they’ll also be able to access its online version with links. The problem is that I’m not sure if there are enough iPads/tablets for all the lessons or if we have to rely on the students’ mobile phones.

We’ll be studying environmental issues in English. We’ll be using our text book as our main source of information. Exercises and tasks will be both from the book and from various online sources. These are my ideas for digital resources so far:

  • Quizlet for studying vocabulary
  • Socrative and Google Forms for mini tests
  • Dropbox (or maybe Fronter) for returning a writing assignment
  • Some sort of online carbon footprint calculator
  • Some sort of online quiz for modal auxiliaries (Frankfurt international School has some good stuff)
  • Google Forms for feedback

I’ll also have to think of something to do for those students whose progress is fast. The net is full of material but how pick the ones that are meaningful for a 15-year-old?

Header image: pencil sharpener by Tami Pearson / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0




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