Human Dominoes is a game I learned from an old English text book and which I’ve since used many times with different groups. It’s not super amusing or exciting, but it’s good for learning to know people and as a listening exercise.

Gather all players so that everybody can hear each other. Somebody starts by offering their left hand and telling something about themselves, for example “I have an older brother”. Whoever can agree with what was said can now grab the first player’s hand. If there are more than one people there might be a bit of a tumble who gets to hold the hand, but that’s ok. Now it’s the new person’s turn to hold out their left hand and tell the group something about them. If a player says something that nobody can agree with, the player on the other end of the line will hold out their right hand and come with a new thing about themselves.

The game goes on until, hopefully, the players have formed a full circle. You can agree to have a common theme on the things you say, for example hobbies, likes/dislikes, dreams or even more advanced things such as opinions on current events.

Also, this happened! (YouTube video)


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